How to Make Your Changeover Like a Pit Crew

February 23, 2024

RSS Maclin

NASCAR has managed to shave the hours of car maintenance down to mere seconds. Like a race car pit crew, RSS MACLIN understands that on the can-seamer line, efficiency isn’t just convenient; it’s a necessity. Buckle up. In this blog, we’ll explore how we can make your can diameter changeover team operate like a pit crew.

At RSS MACLIN, we’re not stopping to refuel or change tires. We’re stopping the whole production line, which is just as disruptive. An average can diameter changeover for a can-seamer machine takes 8-12 hours. If you follow our lead, you can cut that tooling changeover down to four hours.


The Problem

When pit crews work on cars, they’ve got seconds to diagnose potential problems. At RSS MACLIN, the problems are different, but the clock is still ticking. That’s why we’re committed to solving the following problems as quickly and efficiently as possible:

Time-Consuming Changeovers

Installing change parts, especially those for can diameters, can be time-consuming. We’ll help you streamline this process by pinning your machine guide rails, using our Quick-Change Timing Plug and chain fixture and Oversized Hollow Plugs. Instead of spending time installing change parts, you can use that time and energy on the production line.

Risk of Equipment Damage

When the clock is running and you rush through changeovers, you run the risk of damaging your equipment. In fact, some machine parts that are susceptible to damage can affect the integrity of the seam. At RSS MACLIN, our expertise and SOPs (standard operating procedures) ensure proper handling and installation, minimizing the risk of costly equipment repairs or replacements.

Quality Issues and Production Delays

Can diameter changeover is one challenge. The ramp-up into full production is another challenge that can bring quality issues and delays in meeting production demand. At RSS MACLIN, we can enhance your quality control measures and reduce the downtime associated with ramp-up, because a meticulously thought-out process and execution beats a reactionary plan any day.

The Solution

At RSS MACLIN, we’re proud to provide can-seamer audits with 30% more inspection points than OEM. What’s more, we take a look at the entire packaging line (not just the seamer), the technicians, and the materials, to give you the most thorough can-seamer audit on the market.

The Crew

Part of what makes a NASCAR pit crew so successful is having the right person for the right job. They are a highly trained team that carries out specialized tasks like clockwork.

At RSS MACLIN, we can train your team to become can-seamer experts with our hands-on three-day training that is offered on-site.

The Material

At RSS MACLIN, our team efficiently stages can-handling parts for easy accessibility, while also using clear markings to identify parts and diameters. This helps reduce confusion and time searching for specific can diameter sizes to improve efficiency and guarantee a perfect setup every time.

The Process

A documented changeover process is crucial to minimize inefficiencies on your can-seaming line, by creating a clear path using a step-by-step method for repeatability and consistent results. This systematically removes more variables that can affect your perfect can seam and body


It can take can-seam teams an entire shift to change the can-handling parts and upwards of two shifts to optimize the new configuration for efficiency. With the right crew, material and methods, we won’t just have your can diameter changed in four hours, we’ll have you running at peak efficiency.

Let’s get efficient! Contact the can-seamer experts to develop the pit crew process your company wants when changing the can-seamer.

Part 1: Mastering Can-Seam Quality 

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