Markets Served by RSS MACLIN

Can seaming and filling technologies are vital to the packaging industry.

Regular maintenance of can seaming, capping, and filling machinery enables companies to deliver a consistent product that their customers have come to expect. It ensures that the fresh products consumers require are safe and of high quality, thanks to a secure seal. Keeping these machines in good condition is critical for producers to maintain high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and maximize profits.


Who We Serve

Whether you are a small-volume producer or a large, high-volume international corporation, RSS MACLIN can help. We work with:

International Food and Beverage Companies

Much of the packaging industry has been built on providing shelf-stable food and drink. RSS MACLIN keeps can seamers, cappers, and fillers productive, so your products keep the world spinning.


Microbreweries have steadily increased in popularity. With this industry booming and demand higher than ever before, having efficient can seaming and filling operations cannot be overlooked.

Carbonated Beverage Companies

Everyone deserves a short break and a cold drink, and the carbonated beverage industry deserves support for the can seaming and filling technology that makes it happen.

You Need the Seamer Experts

RSS Maclin

Developed by industry experts, RSS MACLIN has decades of experience in can seaming and filling technology. We aim to provide service, tools, and training to help companies save one of their most important assets – time. With the right blend of products and services backed by industry expertise, RSS Maclin is your partner for increased O.E.E.

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What Is Important to Us

When it comes to can filling and seaming technology, there are specific goals that we are dedicated to helping you achieve.

Group 916


To ensure a stable, consistent, shelf-ready product.

Group 917


The packaging industry must meet the highest standards for safety when producing its products.

Group 919


If you want to be successful, you need to maximize your profits, and unnecessary downtime should be avoided to keep you as productive as possible.

How We Help

We believe having the right tools, service, education, and support make all the difference and keeps the line running.

With RSS MACLIN, you’ll find products and services designed just for you, based on industry knowledge gained from decades of experience.

Tools to help you handle maintenance issues effectively to minimize downtime.

  • Master Startup Kit
  • Timing Plug Kit
  • Spring Pressure Gauge Kit
  • Pin Height Gauge Kit
  • Discharge Reamer Kit

Support from our experienced technicians for regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

  • Line Maintenance and Support
  • Audits and Overhauls
  • Repairs and Emergency Services
Group 922

This is our cornerstone. We don’t just provide assistance when needed, we equip you for success by sharing our experience.

  • On-site training at your facility
  • Off-site training at our facility
Group 924

What Customers Say

Curious about the benefits of working with RSS MACLIN? Listen to our customers. We proudly support the packaging industry with can seaming and filling equipment expertise.

“Tony’s knowledge and years of experience allowed him to answer my questions in depth to where I could understand the process oof forming a quality double-seam. Tony has the ability to convey information to ever learning level, ensuring everyone understands!”

‐Kyle Ward, Crown Holdings‐

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If you need support for your machine, contact the experts at RSS MACLIN. We’ve got the tools and knowledge to keep you moving.

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