Master Setup Kit

Our Best Tools for Efficient Repairs and Adjustments

Efficient Repairs and Adjustments

RSS Maclin
  • With the RSS MACLIN Master Setup Kit, you have our best specialty and supporting tools to check, change over, and make timing adjustments or repairs to the most common areas of concern on your seamer machines.
  • With more than 75 years of combined experience with can-seaming technology, the RSS MACLIN Master Setup Kit has what your team needs to increase your O.E.E.
  • We can help your team maintain your can-seaming equipment, with a variety of products to stay productive. Now your teams have the power – in their hands – to stay up to speed.
  • We also offer add-on kits to fit more can sizes and can end sizes to seam setting kits.
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Look Inside the Kit

The RSS MACLIN Master Setup Kit includes:

  • (3) RSS MACLIN Hollow Plugs (Size TBD)
  • (1) RSS MACLIN Drop-off Base with Dial Indicator
  • (1) RSS MACLIN Spring Pressure Quick-Set Base with Allen Wrench (cut to length)
  • (2) RSS Spring Pressure Gauge Seaming Chuck Adapters (Size TBD)
  • (1) Spring Pressure Deflection Dial Indicator
  • (1) Knock-out Rod Removal Tool
  • (1) Spring Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Dial Indicator Tip Extender
  • (1) 1” Dial Indicator
  • (1) RSS MACLIN Timing Plug Guide
  • (1) Toolbox
  • (1) RSS MACLIN Height Gauge Mag Base with Dial Indicator (Size TBD)
  • (1) RSS MACLIN Height Gauge Pin (Size TBD)
  • (1) Dial Calipers (Size TBD)
  • (1) Roll Setting Mag Base with Dial Indicator
  • (1) LG Magnetic Indicator Base
  • (1) Dial Indicator Contact Tip Set
  • (1) 12” Metal Feeler Gauge
  • (1) 12” Plastic Feeler Gauge
  • (1) 3” Tapered Feeler Gauge
  • (1)RSS MACLIN Hand Wheel (120/121L only)
  • (1) RSS MACLIN Timing Plug (Size TBD)
  • (1) Chuck Plate Fixture

Become an Expert in Can-Seaming Technology

RSS Maclin

Training in canseaming solutions can help your facility stay more productive and avoid unnecessary downtime. Our focus is always training. We pass our industry knowledge along to your team, so they can be successful. Our RSS MACLIN Master Kit Training gives them the skills to handle needed repairs, effectively and efficiently. Read about Master Kit Training and our other available options.  

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We Set Your Team Up for Success

RSS MACLIN works with partners so they can succeed, providing tools and skills we’ve honed from our decades of experience in can-seaming solutions.

“Tony’s knowledge and years of experience allowed him to answer my questions in depth to where I could understand the process of forming a quality double-seam. Tony has the ability to convey information to ever learning level, ensuring everyone understands!”

‐Kyle Ward, Crown Holdings‐

“I wanted to reach out to thank RSS Maclin for the top-notch support. It is rare to find these days. Incorporating service, material, quick-change upgrades and SOPs is next level in our industry. Keep up the great work. I look forward to continuing our relationship.”

‐William Mayfield, Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast‐

Turn to RSS MACLIN for Service and Repairs

RSS Maclin

Our full service and repair options for canseaming technology include: 

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Seamer Machine Training

Seamer machinery training and ongoing education sets RSS MACLIN apart. We share our knowledge with you – it’s why we do what we do. Our familiarity with various models of seamer machinery means we can help your maintenance team develop their knowledge base and skills with the latest seaming solutions technology.

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Male employee working on repairing a machine

Repairs and Emergency Service

We handle all seamer machine service repairs. Our service repair technicians can help you with machine repairs and changeovers, as well as troubleshooting to avoid unnecessary service line breaks.

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Line Maintenance and Support

Line Maintenance and Support

Having line maintenance and support helps mitigate line stoppages. We will talk thorough your goals to develop a personalized seaming equipment line maintenance and support plan. Tune-ups include lever end-play and tooling assessment/adjustments, spring pressure checks and wear-item inspections.

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Machine Audits and Overhauls

RSS MACLIN provides semi-annual and annual audits for can seamer machinery, offering inspection and adjustments to high-frequency wear areas. We will cover your entire rotary seaming equipment. Audits can be a stand-alone service or bundled into your line maintenance and support program.

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Need Additional Resources?

You’ll find them here. This includes our blog, which helps your team stay up-to-date on information regarding the industry, and case studies that highlight how RSS MACLIN can help your team, your processes, and your uptime 


Get Help Re-Tooling

If your team needs canseaming technology support, products, or training, contact RSS MACLIN.  

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