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Serving the can and bottle packaging industry, RSS MACLIN offers can-seamer parts and services to companies across the world.

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Support You Can Count On

At RSS MACLIN, we provide the assistance your team needs to keep machines running. Whether it’s line maintenance or support, machine audits and overhauls, or can-seam and can-seamer training, we’ll be a loyal business partner for the long term.

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Can-Seamer Products Built to Last

RSS Maclin

We offer solutions to verify, adjust and repair common seamer problems. Each kit includes simple and durable equipment built upon our knowledge. Our team, collectively, has more than 75 years of experience in can-seaming technology.


Master Kit

The RSS MACLIN Master Kit represents the best of all of our knowledge regarding can seamers. It offers tools to check, change over and make timing adjustments or repairs to the most common areas of concern.

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Timing Plug Kit

Timing Plug Kit

Save time plugging the seamer by eliminating the need to remove or reset tooling or lever endplay. This is a simple “plug and play” style kit.

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Spring Pressure Gauge

Spring Pressure Gauge Kit

For timely and efficient spring checks and adjustments, while utilizing a deflection gauge for precise readings, use our spring pressure gauge kit.

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A Note from Our Partner

“Tony’s knowledge and years of experience allowed him to answer my questions in depth to where I could understand the process of forming a quality double-seam. Tony has the ability to convey information to every learning level, ensuring everyone understands!”

‐Kyle Ward, Crown Holdings‐

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