Services for Can-Seaming Machines and Filling Equipment

We support your maintenance team with both services and training, giving them what they need to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E.) and stay productive.

RSS MACLIN is the Expert in Your Corner

Your line needs to run at peak performance to keep productivity high. We’re the experts in can-seaming and filling technology, and we want your team to be experts, too.

We offer a variety of services, products, and training, developed from our years of experience in the industry.


We’re Here for Your Team

RSS MACLIN helps you avoid unexpected breakdowns through routine, detailed audits with a comprehensive parts list, line maintenance, and support. We can train your maintenance personnel to mitigate downtime by teaching them to recognize when stalls in production might occur and how to address those issues quickly with the correct action.  

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Seamer Training

Seamer training and ongoing instruction set RSS MACLIN apart. We share our knowledge with your team – it’s why we do what we do. Our familiarity with various models of can seamer machines means we can help your maintenance team develop their knowledge base and skills with the latest seaming solutions technology.

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Scheduled and Emergency Service

We handle all can-seamer and filler machine service and repairs, both scheduled and emergency. Our emergency service technicians can help with machine repairs and changeovers and troubleshoot to avoid unnecessary service line breaks.

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Line Maintenance and Support

Line Maintenance and Support

Having routine maintenance and support helps mitigate line stoppages and increase throughput. We can implement a customized can-seaming and filling line support and maintenance plan aligned with your goals.

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Machine Audits and Overhauls

RSS MACLIN provides enhanced equipment audits for can-seamers and fillers, offering inspection. We will cover your entire wet cell. Audits (annual, semi-annual, and micro) are a stand-alone service and can be coupled with a comprehensive parts list and overhaul. It also can be bundled into your line maintenance and support program.

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We offer support for your can-seamer machines, as well as can-filler technology and can-seam training.

Partnering with RSS MACLIN

Read what partners say about working with us to keep their operations running smoothly.

“Tony’s knowledge and years of experience allowed him to answer my questions in depth to where I could understand the process of forming a quality double-seam. Tony has the ability to convey information to every learning level, ensuring everyone understands!”

‐Kyle Ward, Crown Holdings‐

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