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RSS MACLIN is affordable expertise. We pride ourselves on our meticulous way of working. This attention to detail goes for our in-person training and every part of the service process. Whether it’s teaching how to correctly identify a seamer issue or developing an accurate, comprehensive parts list, RSS MACLIN believes careful considerations save our customers time, resources, and money. We can personalize all of our services to accommodate your plant culture while still adhering to all OEM specifications.

Our Services

RSS MACLIN offers numerous services to ensure your seamers are running at peak performance.  In addition to your equipment, we also can train your maintenance personnel to have the foresight and aptitude to tackle any issues that cause a stall in production.  We understand that downtime is inevitable, but proper preventative measures and training can help mitigate the incidental effects of a work stoppage.

The bedrock of our offerings is Seamer Repairs and Machine Training. RSS MACLIN representatives can assist in troubleshooting, machine repairs, and changeovers. We also have on-site classes in Seam Analysis, Basic Machine Set-up (on various Seamer models), and RSS MACLIN Master Setup Kit Training. Once we understand what you want, we will create a plan to accommodate your needs.

Another offering is our Preventative Maintenance Program, which includes routine seamer machine tune-ups scheduled as frequently as desired. Tune-ups include lever end-play and tooling assessment/adjustments, spring pressure checks, and wear-item inspections. Let us know your specific goals so we can personalize a program that gets you results.

RSS MACLIN also conducts semi-annual and annual Audits. The semi-annual Audits focus on the inspection and necessary adjustments to the high-frequency wear-areas of the machine. The annual Audits cover the assessment and adjustments to ALL areas of the machine. Audits can be performed independently or bundled with the Preventative Maintenance Program for value savings.

We look forward to serving you!

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“Tony has helped us out with multiple projects here at Anheuser Busch Columbus. From providing direction during non-routine work to training new technicians on seam setup procedures, he has been an instrumental part in fostering growth for our seamer knowledge and helping us pave the path for reliability around our machines. Every technician that he has worked with and trained has expressed nothing but appreciation and praise for their time spent working with him. I will definitely be looking to continue utilizing Tony for any training opportunities around our equipment in the future. He is very good at what he does. Working with him will set your can lines up for success in the long run.”

Dyllan BrownABInBev

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