5 Reasons Why Routine Machine Audits Are Crucial to Prevent Emergencies

August 7, 2023

RSS Maclin

With 75 years of can seaming experience, we understand the ramifications and cost of downtime in manufacturing. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 reasons why routine machine audits are crucial to prevent emergency downtime, and what you can do instead. 

But first things, first:

Do you have a can-seamer emergency?

When your can seamers are down, contact RSS MACLIN. We’ll respond within 24 hours, so that you can get your production line up and running.  

But even when things are running smoothly, you don’t want to leave production to chance.

It can be challenging to control all of your can seamer processes so closely that you prevent all downtime, but that doesn’t mean that you have to plan production schedules to accommodate for unplanned production downtime.

When you schedule a routine machine audit with RSS MACLIN, we’ll help you to:

1. Avoid production downtime 

When cans are being sealed as fast as 70,000 cans per hour, time is money. Every minute of downtime counts, when you’re trying to fulfill a customer demand by a certain deadline.  

When your can seamer production is down, it’s easy to calculate the lost profit, but read one, and you’ll uncover some of the hidden costs.  

2. Avoid labor downtime 

Operators who are standing by during a can-seamer emergency are costing the company money, adding to the unexpected cost from lost production. Even when the unexpected happens, can-seamer training can help reduce your production downtime and help your line return to peak O.E.E.  

3. Avoid ingredient and material loss 

When your product line stops, it impacts your ingredients and materials. They can spoil or become contaminated. Sometimes, when the seaming process comes to a halt mid- production, defects in the can seam require the product to be thrown out.  

When you schedule a routine machine audit with RSS MACLIN, we can ensure that ingredient and material loss from unplanned can-seamer emergencies are kept to a minimum.  

4. Avoid production scheduling conflicts  

Production scheduling can turn into a nightmare when the line stops. It affects nearly every product line deadline. But plant managers don’t have to schedule to accommodate for unplanned can-seamer emergencies. Instead, a simple routine can-seamer machine audit can help keep the line flowing and the schedule on target.  

5. Avoid supply chain problems 

With so many companies relying on “just in time” inventory management practices, companies receive the exact amount of material, almost exactly when they need it. But problems arise when production lines aren’t humming. This can happen to both the receiving and the delivery end. It can result in too much raw material waiting to be used, and too many empty delivery trucks waiting to be dispatched. 

What does a routine can-seamer machine audit consist of?

At RSS MACLIN, our audit services include both diagnosis and repair of your can-seaming machinery. We’ll make the most of your scheduled downtime to address all of the parts along your production line (not just the can seamer), to ensure that your can-seaming production keeps running at peak O.E.E.

Schedule a Can-Seamer Audit today!

Our team of can-seaming experts can help you minimize emergency production downtime and increase your productivity. Schedule a machine audit today.

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